Who Said Death Is Beautiful?

Trailer / Explanation of Production Method


In a zombie-infested alternate Japan, intern Rika cares for genius Rei and his sister Yuna.
When Yuna turns into a zombie, Rika and Rei flee, facing the horrific reality of her new form.
How can they keep hope alive amidst this despair?

A feature-length anime created with generative AI, depicting the sorrows of human existence.

This movie was made using the image generation AI “Stable Diffusion,” motion capture technology, and the game engine “Unity.” It achieves high-quality 3D visuals with a hand-drawn texture using a very small team, as opposed to the large teams required until now. 。

Director’s Statement

This film is a story about deep guilt carried by surviving protagonists and the meaning of life they discover therein. In my first attempt at creating an animated film,
I utilized cutting-edge technology, including generative AI.
Without this technology, the form of expression in this film would not have been possible.
As an artist, I always seek new challenges and strive to give my all to each project.
I hope this work becomes a meaningful first step in the transformation of future filmmaking.

Film identity

・Feature films 68 min /2023 Japan
・Genre : Artistic Horror
・Target audiences : Mature Audiences
・Language : Japanese
・Subtitiles : English
・Director : Ryo Nakajima

Selected for International Film Festivals

・2024 Annecy International Animation Film Festival Midnight Specials Section
・2024 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival: Metal Noir Section


Ryo Nakajima’s Biography

“This World of Ours” won three awards at the 29th Pia Film Festival in 2007 and the Best New Director at the New York Asian Film Festival in 2008, invited to multiple international festivals. His commercial debut came with “RISE UP” in 2009. His script “The Quiet One” was a Sundance/NHK finalist in 2009, and 「TheSummer Breakers」 won the Best Award at the 2016 Kyoto International Children’s Film Festival.

・ International Distributor : RAIN TRAIL PICTURES, LLC
Address : 500 N. 21st Street #1012, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19130, USA
・Contact Person : Tetsuki Ijichi
・E-mail : ijichi@raintrail.com
・Website : https://www.raintrail.com Production Company : Supersub LLC
・Contact Person : Ryo Nakajima
Address : 1-7-8 Nishigahara, Kitaku Tokyo 114-0024, Japan
・E-mail : contact@mocap.co.jp
・Website : https://shibi.mocap.co.jp

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